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  • You LOVE Dogs &/or Cats!
  • You live within our service area
  • You are at least 21 years of age
  • You have a reliable, insured car
  • You can easily pass a criminal background check
  • You have a computer & daily access to the internet & email
  • You can commit to 1 year employment
  • You are willing to get certified in pet first aid & emergency response

The ideal pet sitter/walker is passionate about animals, can anticipate their needs & recognizes a serious health issue when it arises. Wholly dependent creatures are dependent on the care we provide & therefore the the qualities we look for are trustworthiness, earnestness, reliability, punctuality & flexibility.  Candidates must have excellent personal & professional references & be able to set our clients--both pets & people--at ease.  

Please note: Opportunities are very part-time to start with greater responsibility accruing over time.   

Thank you for your interest!!!