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Services and Fees

Doggy Visits!

Daily Midday Visit               $21

A half-hour visit comprised of exercise, cuddling and fun followed by a water break and treat if permitted. You'll receive a detailed note describing all activity and "business." Clients are eligible for this rate if they book 4 or more visits per week.

Standard Pooch Visit             $25

We will visit with your pups to keep them on happy and on schedule while you're away on vacation. You might need a Standard Pooch Visit if you have an early or late meeting and would otherwise miss a feeding!

Super-sized Pooch Visit             $42

One full hour of undivided attention for your beloved pooch. May include an extra-long walk or just lots and lots of cuddling and play.

Field Trip                                    $50

A visit to a local park or trail (ex. Wilson Park, Harford Park or the Goshen Trail) where your dog can romp and socialize with other people and dogs. Field trips require a trial run with the owner to ensure the safety of your pet. 

Sleepover                                     $95

Sleepovers keep your dog's routine as close to normal as possible when you are traveling. Sleepover includes 11.5 hours of evening into morning time beginning with an evening/dinner visit, "last call" at bedtime, an eight hour sleep stay and breakfast/morning walk. 

Rates are for single dogs.

Additional pet who needs care add $4 per visit, and $15 per field trip or sleepover.

Kitty Visits!

The Cat's Meow                     $21

A purr-fect half hour of head and chin scratching, string chasing, feeding, and litterbox scooping. 

Super-sized Cat's Meow       $38

The standard Cat's meow x 2! One full hour of attention for the extra-special kitty who isn't used to being alone.

Rates are for one cat; additional cats or small pets who need care $4 each.


Meet and Greet                        Free

Meet your sitter and establish if Love 4 Paws is right for you. Please remember to provide your sitter with keys!

Follow Up Meeting                       $20

A follow up meeting may be necessary to introduce us to a new member of the family, show us how to administer medication or if you'd like to get acquainted with a new sitter.

Key Pickup or Drop-off           $15 each way

Last Minute Service                  $10 

Service provided with less than 24 hours notice.

Green Thumb                  $15

We will water the first 5 plants for free; beyond that a fee applies.

Major Holiday Visit Fees                  $10 per visit, $25 for a slumber party 

Note, your pet sitter receives 100% of these fees!!! Major holidays include: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Minor Holiday Visit Fees                  $5 per visit

Again, your pet sitter receives 100% off these fees! Minor holidays include: Presidents' Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Juneteenth, Columbus Day and Veterans' Day.

Our Cancellation Policies

Regular midday walks cancelled one day in advance receive full credit.

Vacation visits cancelled two days in advance receive full credit. Vacation sits cancelled less than two days in advance require full payment.

Overnight stays cancelled one week in advance receive full credit. Cancellations less than one week in advance require full payment.

Payment Policy.

Payment is due upon completion of service.

As a result, we do not provide refunds.

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